Overview:Doctor of Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession aimed at changing and improving mobility, physical independence, and quality of life. It focuses on treating a variety of conditions including but not limited to Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Respiratory, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Women’s Health, and Sports Injuries. Physiotherapists work with patients varying in age, athletic ability, and activity level, and … Read more


Overview:The profession of pharmacy is significant and its role in uplifting the health system is acknowledged all over the world. Pharmacists are gaining demand in the field day by day as now the profession of pharmacy is considered a “Life Saving Profession”. In Pakistan, this profession also gaining recognition as the emergence of new diseases, … Read more


ICS symbolizes Intermediate in Computer Science. The program provides general education in computer science and software development that helps our students develop computer and software development skills. We prepare our students for higher studies and careers in the advanced fields of computer science. Our program covers a wide range of subjects related to computer science, … Read more

FSC Pre-Engineering

Introduction: The FSC Pre-Engineering program prepares students for careers in engineering. We provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in engineering. The program offered a variety of subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and core principles of sciences. In our institute, students participate in … Read more

FSC Pre-Medical

Introduction:FSC Pre-Medical is an academic program that prepares career of students in the medical field. We provide this program in a very innovative, efficient, and reliable environment. Students who dream of pursuing a career in medicine can gain valuable experience at our institute. This field has always been an appealing career choice, attracting thousands of … Read more

BS Zoology

Overview: BS zoology offers an exciting journey into the world of animal life and its intricacies. It not only helps to understand and value the variety of life on Earth but also prepares graduates to make important contributions to the progress of this field. In this program, students study the organisms and their surrounding environment. … Read more

BS English

Overview: A Bachelor of Science (BS) in English is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of English language, literature, and related fields. We prepare our students for a wide range of careers that require strong writing, critical thinking, and effective communication abilities. We train students in a wide range of fields, including … Read more

BS Computer Science

Overview: Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science is a 4-year undergraduate degree program specializing in computers, software systems, algorithms, programming, and computing theory. Our program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to create, develop, and analyze computer systems and software applications. Using technology to develop innovative solutions is one … Read more

Difference between semester and annual system

It is division of an academic year, the time during which a college holds classes.. Usually, a semester system divides the year in two parts or term The advantages of Semester System are:- Most of the institutes and universities follow semester system as it improves the quality of education. Though students feel pressure in the semester system, … Read more

Importance of Social Sciences

  In general, social sciences focus on the study of society and the relationship among individuals within society. Social science covers a wide spectrum of subjects, including, English, psychology, economics, political science, sociology, history etc. It is clear that social science is of immense importance to societies around the world; however there still is much work to be done to increase … Read more