ICS symbolizes Intermediate in Computer Science. The program provides general education in computer science and software development that helps our students develop computer and software development skills. We prepare our students for higher studies and careers in the advanced fields of computer science. Our program covers a wide range of subjects related to computer science, … Read more

FSC Pre-Engineering

Introduction: The FSC Pre-Engineering program prepares students for careers in engineering. We provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in engineering. The program offered a variety of subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts and core principles of sciences. In our institute, students participate in … Read more

FSC Pre-Medical

Introduction:FSC Pre-Medical is an academic program that prepares career of students in the medical field. We provide this program in a very innovative, efficient, and reliable environment. Students who dream of pursuing a career in medicine can gain valuable experience at our institute. This field has always been an appealing career choice, attracting thousands of … Read more