Common Mistakes Students Made at F.Sc Studies

There are many common mistakes most of the student made during their F.Sc studies. Here is the list of the Mistakes and the Solutions:

Taking F.Sc Easy as Matric:

Most of the students think that F.Sc is as easy as Matric but there is a big difference between Matric and F.Sc. level. Course materials at Matric level are much less compared to F.Sc level.

Concepts are not Clear

Not clearing the concepts is one of the common mistakes many students make at F.Sc level. If you are willing to take the entry test or belong to Federal Board, clearing the concepts is very vital for you

Avoid Early Classes (Summer Camps)

The students who get low marks in F.Sc don’t start studying earlier and wait for colleges to open. In this way they waste time and it becomes for them very difficult to cover their entire syllabus on time. There are many colleges those offer early free classes in summer probably starting from month of May.


Most students don’t know how to memorize a topic effectively, this way they waste much of their time in memorizing a topic. There are many ways to memorize a topic, best way is to write it all or part of it which seem difficult to remember. Better you have understanding of a topic easy for you to memorize.

Revise, Revise, and Revise

Most of the Fsc students do not develop a habit of revising; it seems for them boring and tough but once you develop it, you would enjoy revision your studies. Most of the topics which you memorized would fade away 1 day after but you can revise it to memorize permanently. In this way all data stored in your short term memory transfer to long term memory.

Don’t Think Of Repeating

Many college students have made their mind to repeat their 1 year or 2nd year even before enrolling to colleges. This mind set really effects students’ success in getting their expected marks as they already made up backup plan. Thinking of repeating exams would make students idle and lazy; they do not perform well in their exams. Once a student drop or repeat a year, he has less time for his 2nd year studies and can’t give any time to repeating year studies.

The Art of Attempting Papers

Most students who appear in the exam don’t know art of attempting papers, they are unable to impress the checker. Once you get to know on how to attempt papers effectively and impressively you get good marks in the exam.

 Work Smarter, Not Harder

Most of the students at Fsc level consider working harder can bring them expected marks. They work harder and harder, some of them study for 18 hours daily but learn less. Study in a smarter way can save your time and energies. May be a student work for 8 hour may learn same as a student who study for 4 hours in a smarter way. The key here is how well focused you are on the task and concentration is the most important element in study to study smarter.

Make an Effective Schedule

Making study schedule is very important to cover your studies. Many students think that making a study schedule is a stupid thing and they fail to cover their syllabus in time. Preparing an effective study schedule would help you to cover your syllabus before time and you would have a time left for revision as well.

 Don’t Miss Tests

Students at inter level avoid taking test, they actually afraid of tests and ignore them. This attitude is dangerous and can affect them in their final exams. By participating in regular tests, students develop the understanding on how to attempt tests they realize their weaknesses and try to overcome them.

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