Mukabbir College Library


A library is the heart's secret garden, blooming with knowledge. Mukabbir College has a full-service library on campus to serve the study and research needs of its students and faculty members. The library stocks over 20000+ books of various subjects i.e. Science, Technology, Business Studies, Engineering, Medical, Computer, Commerce, Finance, and much more. This library is more than just a physical space; it is also a place where minds spark, where curiosity thrives, and where knowledge is gained. Students can explore the collection in quiet reflection or engage in lively discussions with peers in the library. As a repository of academic achievements, the library's shelves display journals, e-books, multimedia, and database resources. Besides just providing books, Mukabir College's library serves as a place for nurturing aspirations, answering questions, and expanding horizons. Precautions are taken to keep the atmosphere of the library calm to provide the best space for students to study and research their subjects.