Program Detail

BS English


Literary study equips students with excellent communication skills, high-level experience in academic research and debate, and the capacity for creative, independent, and critical thought. Study of English literature opens more opportunities as it is considered global language of communication and employers continue to seek English graduates for the qualities of creative intelligence and clarity of communication that they bring to the workplace in a rapidly shifting and increasingly complex world. 

Career Prospects

MA English graduates have a bright career ahead of them. Many of them are working as language teachers after the completion of their degree. However, it is incorrect to think of MA English graduates only as language teachers. Other potential careers for MA English include content writing, translation & interpretation, curriculum design and teacher training, language-related jobs in print and electronic media, public relations, civil service, etc.

Aims OF the Program

  • Improve academic standards
  • Bring curricula at par with national and international institutions
  • Train manpower in social sciences to face the challenges of new Millennium
  • Provide trained manpower to address the problems of globalization and WTO


Pre-requisites and Requirements of the 4-year Program (Main Features of BS 4-Year Program / Credit Requirements)


Pre-requisites and Requirements of BS MATHEMATICS


  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Degree Requirements: Minimum 142 credit hours
  • Total Courses: 48
  • Semesters: 8


Eligibility: F.A and F.Sc (Pre-Medical /Engineering), A level



Program Code