Program Detail

BS Zoology


Zoology tries to understand and preserve the vast diversity existing on our planet. It is a major part of our scientific knowledge opening gateways to the medical science. Zoology is a science that has taken us back to our ancestors through break through studies on DNA (the molecule of life). It is a multidisciplinary field equipping its degree holders in environmental science, forensics, conservation and population genetics, microbiology, immunology toxicology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, wildlife, animal behavior, fisheries palaentology, physiology and zoogeography. 

Aim of the Program

BS Zoology program will provide participants with the scientific knowledge about the study of behavior, characteristics, evolutionary trends of the different species of animals and those factors having a direct impact on them. The program will equip students with skills in various disciplines ranging from molecular biology, through physiology and neurobiology, to the study of populations in both an ecological and evolutionary framework. After completion of this program, students will get skills necessary to collect, interpret, and critically analyze chemical data from laboratory experiments and the scientific literature related to all fields of zoology

Career Prospects

Students graduating in Zoology may find jobs in various areas; some of those are listed below:

  • Zoos and Wildlife organizations
  • Educational and Research institutes
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Botanical gardens
  • National parks, nature reserves and aquariums
  • Pathological laboratories
  • Animal clinics
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Museums
  • Veterinary Hospitals

Pre-requisites and Requirements of BS ZOOLOGY


Duration: 4 Years

  • Degree Requirements: Minimum 133 credit hours
  • Semesters: 8


Eligibility: At least 45% marks in FSc (Pre-Medical) or equivalent .



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