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Physical Therapy, also known as physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with changing the quality of life by improving the mobility and physical independence of people of the society.  Physical Therapy is an essential section of modern health care system and includes the basic parameters of healing sciences which covers the preventive, diagnostic, promotive, curative and rehabilitative parts. Physical Therapy treatment deals with methods by movement, manipulation, physical agents, manual therapy and therapeutics modalities. It is aimed on treating a range of conditions including Musculoskeletal, Cardio-Respiratory, Pediatrics, Neurological, Women Health, Geriatrics, Sports Injuries and Many more.  Physiotherapists interact with patients of different in age, activity level,  and are responsible to treat both acute and chronic health conditions of a wide range. In-short, it is the evaluation and rehabilitation of people disabled by pain, injuries or diseases and their treatment by physical therapeutic measures.


The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is a life making profession; the objective of the program is to produce a group of highly competent physiotherapists to serve society. To fulfill this commitment we have provided well facilitated lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, and highly equipped labs; along with well qualified faculty. Providing such a state of the art teaching environment is aiming to polishing our students to make them skilled professionals in order to serve our nation more efficiently. Our DPT program is a five years program, includes 10 semesters each of them of 6 months; 18 weeks of work load which includes education, examination and semester break.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) department is aimed to provide capable and highly expert physical therapists in order to offer quality health care services to our society. It offers an exclusive learning environment in our state of art education institution. Through our faculty members’ professional and clinical teaching skills, our students are deviously learning to meet challenges being faced by health care today. People who want to take Physical Therapy as their career have to go through a five-year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

History of Physical Therapy

In Pakistan, Physiotherapy school was established in year 1956 by the Government of Pakistan with the help of World Health Organization (WHO) at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center under Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. At the beginning, this school was offering a 2 years Diploma course and required matriculation with science. Later, in year 1961 the program of Physical Therapy was extended from 2 to 3 years Diploma; after this in 1963 this program was lifted to BSc Physical Therapy Degree of 3 years and was affiliated with the University of Karachi that time. Further, significant changes and upgrades were made in its syllabus to meet to modern needs as International faculties of Physical Therapy had upgraded their syllabi. This 3 years BSc program was further raised to 4 years BS Physical Theory Degree Program in 1999. HEC had upgraded BSPT program to 5 years DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy Program) in 2008 by following the “Vision 2020 of APTA” and to meet the International standard. Currently so many Institutions are offering programs in the field of Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) all over Pakistan.


DURATION:                 05 Years




A minimum overall score of 60% in Pre-Medical studies of Higher Secondary School Certification (HSSC) or equivalent in Pakistan.

Note: All foreign qualifications must be supported by an Equivalence Certificate from IBCC of at least 60% HSSC pre-medical qualification.

DPT 5 Years Scheme of the Study


1st Year

Anatomy I


Biochemistry I



Introduction to Computers


2nd  Years

Anatomy II

Physiology II

Biochemistry & Genetics II

Biomechanics & Ergonomics

Islamic Studies

Pakistan Studies


3rd Year

Pathology & Microbiology


Physical Agents & Electrotherapy

Including Medical physics

Therapeutic exercises & Techniques &

Manual Therapy

Behavioral sciences.


4th Year

Medicine including Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging.

Clinical decision making & differential diagnosis

Physical therapy treatments & technique I(Musculoskeletal sports, grammatology including geriatrics, pediatric physical therapy and supervised clinical practice (I,II, III)

Community medicine including sociology, biostatistics & research methodology.

Evidence based physical therapy & professional practice.


5th Year


Emergency procedures & primary care physical therapy.

Physical therapy treatment & techniques II (Cardiopulmonary, Neurological, Gynecological & Obstetrics, Integumentary physical therapy & supervised clinical practice IV, V, VI)

Prosthetics, orthotics, human development & community based rehabilitation.

Exercise physiology & health & wellness.



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