Facilities We Offer

The Institute spans across 38 canal of sprawling.serene and evergreen campus, located near model town, bhimber road gujrat.

The Mukabbir campus is spread over and is fully equipped with numerous modern facilities for the students. It is located in a developed suburb of model town with several restaurants, hospitals and other facilities in accordance with the institute mission, the campus has been carefully planned to provide excellent facilities in students and to create a safe environment that is conducive to learning. Some of its features include excellent class room, and up-to date library, that has a rich and assorted collection of books which support scholarly interests and practical research activities.


Library has a rich and assorted collection of books which support scholarly interests and practical research activities. A range of course books are available in our library; program books included in the following subjects i.e. sciences, computers, business, marketing, engineering, medicinal, commerce and finance etc. Atmosphere of library is very calm and it provides best silent spaces for the student to study and research their subjects.


Cafeteria building is situated next to the faculty block; you may access it from the back door of faculty block. Cafeteria offers a wide range of foods for the students. There are delicious options for students; in available food options are salads, sandwiches, samosas, chicken Baryani and Rolls.

Recourse Center

We have a resource center for the students in our building. Students can access to different types of facilities in resource center area. They have a portion where they can buy book; section dedicated for Xerox and print materials for studies.

Sports Society

The objective of Mukabbir Sports is to promote the spirit of sportsmanship in students by organization and training sports in the institution.

Sport Society Responsibilities:
  • To coordination directly with students to identify their preferred sports
  • To identify the equipments, courts and other sports needs
  • To plan and distribute sports calendar to colleges
  • To participate of Mukabbir teams in HEC Zonal & All Pakistan Sports competitions.
  • Mukabbir sports society key focus is on indoor sports for women such as Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and many more.

    Transport Facility

    Mukabbir educational institution would facilitate all desiring students in acquiring their transport facility. Students those who are interested in availing transport facility should have to mention this on their admission form Mukabbir students come from all areas of Gujrat region; so we are providing transport facilities and routes keeping student transport needs in our mind. Mukabbir has its own well-managed and air-conditioned transport; further, we also facilitate transportation through our contractors that covers almost all major routes in the city.

    Common Rooms

    Mukabbir has several common rooms for students and faculty for healthy recreation and mutual contact among the students and faculty members. All rooms are Air conditioned and provide a place to relax, study and heavy informal discussion in their free time available.

    Networking and Internet

    Whole Campus is equipped with dedicated internet link(wired and wireless connectivity)

    Lawn and Playgrounds

    There are vast play grounds for sports and other recreational activities.

    Other Key Facilities

    Technology Based Lecture Theatre

    Mukabbir has Interactive Technology Based Lecture Theatre for its Students; lecture theatres are equipped with LED big screen and state of the art projectors. All rooms are fully air –conditioned.

    Tech Lab

    We have a fully equipped Technology Lab for our student; it can accommodate many students at a time.

    Science Laboratories

    There are Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Bio.

    Conference Hall

    Institute has a fully equipped Auditorium / Conference Hall for conferences and meetings.

    Library and Reading Rooms

    Institution has many Reading Rooms to facilities its students.