21 May

Scholarships and Fee Concessions for Students

Mukabbir College Gujrat offers scholarships and fee concessions for its students. Here is a list of key Scholarships and fee concessions offered by the College.


Mukabbir College promotes meritocracy and offers an exclusive scholarship to students. Bright Students who show excellent performance in academics, they can avail up to 100% Fee Waiver. Students with 90% or above marks are eligible to apply for free educatio

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15 May

Common Mistakes Students Made at F.Sc Studies

There are many common mistakes most of the student made during their F.Sc studies. Here is the list of the Mistakes and the Solutions:

Taking F.Sc Easy as Matric:

Most of the students think that F.Sc is as easy as Matric but there is a big difference between Matric and F.Sc. level. Course materials at Matric level are much less compared to F.Sc level.

Concepts are not Clear

Not clearing the concepts is one of the common mis

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3 May

Intermediate Studies in Pakistan

Intermediate is 2 years studies after passing matriculation examination, during intermediate studies, students are required to pass a national examination administered by a regional Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (or BISE) after the end of each school year. A Student enters in an intermediate college and complete grades 11 and 12. Upon successful completion of each of the two grades examinations student is awarded with the Higher Secondary School Certificate 

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25 May

Understanding the Difference between Intermediate and O-Level

A-Level is an international degree certificate; it is the abbreviation of advanced level and is considered equivalent to the intermediate studies in Pakistan i.e. FA (Faculty of Arts) or F.SC (Faculty of Science).

A-Level is considered one of the best options to study further after O-Level. Most of the students in Pakistan prefer standard intermediate studies after matriculation but some students also prefer A-Level on Inter studies in Pakistan. Here we would like discuss the key diff

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