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We are determined to equip our students with a challenging vision, unsurpassable insight and undaunted leadership.


The Mission of Mukabbir is to provide high standards of Educational Excellence in such islamic perspective and nurtures strong commitment, Pakistan Identity and self reliance among our youth.


Considering ALLAH Almighty and his will, our vision is to develop youth, who shoild strive to fulfill their goal as his vicegerent on earth, through islamic rules and academic excellence to lead and serve humanity for their success in this World and Hereafter

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Best purpose built campus in the city. We empower students to gain enough impact on a broader spectrum of activities in the cultural, creative and business sectors


To provide latest technology & an encouraging atmosphere that is conducive to practical and professional learning.


State of the Art educational institution, to meet all the educational requirements of the students of Gujrat and its suburbs


Mukabbir is the establishment of such an institution which delivers contemporary education with the amalgamation of Islamic ethical values


We equip students with the knowledge that they need to respond to the global, information driven and dynamic demands of the market.

Latest Event

2019-04-29 to 2019-04-29

Dar-e-Arqam Alumni Party

08:30:00-15:00:00 Mukabbir College, Gujrat
2019-02-21 to 2019-02-27

GAETEX Industrial Exhibition

11:00:00-23:00:00 Stadium, Gujrat
2019-02-09 to 2019-02-09

Freshers Cultural Fest

10:00:00-14:30:00 Mukabbir College

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