Intermediate Studies in Pakistan

Intermediate is 2 years studies after passing matriculation examination, during intermediate studies, students are required to pass a national examination administered by a regional Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (or BISE) after the end of each school year. A Student enters in an intermediate college and complete grades 11 and 12. Upon successful completion of each of the two grades examinations student is awarded with the Higher Secondary School Certificate (or HSSC). These studies are also known as FSc/FA/ICS or ‘intermediate’.

There are many study patterns that students can choose for their 11 and 12 grades; these streams are pre-medical, pre-engineering, humanities (or social sciences), computer science and commerce. Each program consists of compulsory and elective subjects at-least three electives subjects along with three compulsory subjects such as English, Urdu, Islamiat for grade 11 and Pakistan Studies for grade 12 only.

Alternative qualifications to HSSC are available in Pakistan but they are not maintained by BISE. Most common alternative of this is the  GCE, where HSSC is replaced by  A Level education.  

Right after the completion of matriculation level, Intermediate level or HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) education begins. At this level students choose the field of their choice in which they wish to continue their further studies and HSSC is considered one of the most critical and important phase of in a student life.

At this stage student have a numerous groups to choose from. If a student wishes to become a doctor then he/she must choose pre-medical group, if he/she wants to be an engineer then he/she much go for pre-engineering to fulfill his/her dreams.

Key branches at intermediate level are:

  1. Pre-Medical
  2. Pre-engineering
  3. Commerce
  4. Fine arts
  5. General Science
  6. Computer Science

All the matters of HSSC level are handled by the educational boards of Pakistan (BISE). There are total 26 educational boards across the country which are performing their duties intensely.

There are large numbers of well-known colleges in Pakistan which are offering quality education to the students. Mainly government colleges in Pakistan offer admission to the students purely on merit basis. There are also some prominent private colleges in the country which are performing exceptionally. Mukabbir College is one of the best Women College in the region, where you can get admission in many different programs such as Pre-Medical, Pre-engineering, Commerce, Fine arts and Computer Science.

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